Diploma in Gin

A comprehensive one-day course covering all aspects of gin from the history and regulatory styles, different distillation methods and botanicals for gin.

The course is taught by gin guru, Geraldine Coates. Geraldine pioneered gin tastings over 20 years ago and has since hosted countless tastings on both a professional and consumer-level. She will lead you through a blind tasting, so you can learn how to conduct a gin tasting of your own.

We’ve devised the botanicals section together with Dr Greg Kenicer, Head Botanist at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. This offers a unique an immersive insight into botanicals and their different influences with respect to gin. Please remember to bring your umbrella for the botanical safari – there is a reason that Scotland is so green!

After the walk around the gardens, you’ll learn more about the botanical structure of a few key plants, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the wonderful world of flavour components for gin.

Each Diploma also features a guest distiller, where you can learn about their particular brand of gin and how it differs either through the distinctive techniques adopted or botanicals used.

  • History of Gin
  • Definitions & Styles of Gin
  • Gin Now
  • Distillation
  • Sensory
  • Botanicals

Three modules (The History of Gin, Definitions & Styles of Gin & Gin Now) are delivered as pre-reading material which you’ll receive electronically upon purchase. These modules are assessed and we’d strongly recommend setting aside some time to study the material in advance.

Available dates:

09 June 2021

09 August 2021


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